At Solar and Batteries Direct, we always have the right solution for your solar power system. Here are some examples:
3kW to 13kW Systems for Single Phase Residential

Depending on your power requirements, we have various system sizes available. From 3kW inverter systems up to 2 x 5kW inverter (one grid connected and one stand-alone)

5kW to 18kW Systems for 3 Phase Properties

Three phase properties are allowed to have up to 15kW of inverter capacity. We have many inverter brands and power options to choose from.

Small Commercial Systems - 10kW to 39kW

Depending on your electricity tariffs and hours of business, we can design systems to give very rapid return on investment and significant savings on power bills.


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Large Commercial Systems - 40kW to 500kW

Contact us for a free quote to tailor exactly the right solution for your commercial property. Many customers achieve 2-3 year paybacks; ROI typically around 40%.


Various finance options such as finance leases, chattel mortgage, term rental finance, power purchase agreements, and top up finance are available. Many small businesses may also qualify for the $20,000 asset tax write-off. Look at your power bills and imagine how much your business could save!