Gold Coast Solar Power & Panels

Solar Panels in the Gold Coast


Life on the Gold Coast in undeniably sunny, both in the beauty and fun that the city has to offer, but also in the literal sunshine that is almost always present in the coastal city. While this sunshine is great for beach days and tanning, it is also very useful as an energy source. In fact, it is so useful that many Gold Coast residents have already switched their homes to being powered by the sun.


There is no use letting the beautiful Gold Coast sunshine go to waste, so why not consider installing solar panels? Although there are a lot of places that one could turn to in order to find solar panels in the Gold Coast, we here at Solar and Batteries Direct have the most experience and will work to find the lowest cost for a personalised grid system.


The experts employed at Solar and Batteries Direct have been working in this industry for years, and are highly skilled at understanding what each individual home and business requires in terms of solar power, and how to achieve that personal touch without breaking the bank. We are constantly working to provide solar panels in Gold Coast to our customers at a low cost and high rate of efficiency. We pride ourselves on making the installation of panels in one’s home or business a seamless process from start to finish. This goal of bringing affordable home and business power options to the Gold Coast is what has kept our customers coming back to us time and time again.


Why Make the Switch?


There are a lot of benefits to switching to using the sun to power one’s home or business, but perhaps the two largest benefits are environmental and economical. The environmental impact that occurs when even just one household switches to solar power is huge, so imagine how much greater that could be with everyone in the Gold Coast utilising our services. Switching away from standard electricity greatly reduces a person’s carbon footprint and makes a big impact on the world.


There is also the economical motivation to make the switch from standard electricity. It is estimated that a person who switches to solar in the Gold Coast can save up to $3,000 a year on their electricity bill. This price depends on the placement of one’s panels and the amount of energy that their household or business already uses, but regardless, the money that is saved by switching away from standard electricity is not chump change and definitely pays off in the end when compared against our solar panels in Gold Coast prices.


Solar and Batteries Direct Wants to Help People Ditch Standard Electricity


It is our goal to make the switch to solar power in the Gold Coast area as seamless and affordable as possible for our customers. We understand that there are a lot of options for grid and panel installation in the area, but what sets us apart is the relationship that we have built with our clients and with the manufacturers of the panels that we offer.


For more information on our solar panel personalisation, call us today!