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Brisbane's Best Solar Power and Panel Options

Living in Brisbane, there is no doubt that there is a lot of sun power that can be harnessed for personal use. It is silly to let such a powerful resource go to waste, and that means that now is a better time than ever to install solar panels into one’s home. When someone is looking for solar panels in Brisbane, it only makes sense for them to turn to Solar and Batteries Direct for the best solar panels in Brisbane at the lowest cost. Our expert technicians have been installing solar power systems in Brisbane for years and have all of the experience necessary to make the installation process in one’s home or business a seamless process.


Our company strives to constantly provide our customers with the best solar power in Brisbane while keeping the price of purchasing and installing the grid systems that we sell as low as possible. This ability to allow our happy customers to have the best sun-powered electricity purchasing and installation process comes from years of building professional relationships and researching the competitive market that there is to buy solar panels in Brisbane.


Why Use the Sun Instead of Standard Electricity?


A lot of Brisbane residents have already made the decision to make the switch from standard electricity for their homes and businesses, simply because it makes sense both economically and environmentally. Studies have shown that depending on the size and placement of one’s grid system, a family can save up to $3,000 annually on their electric bill. This is definitely not a small amount of extra money to have in one’s life, and over the years it pays for the cost of renewable energy systems in Brisbane.


Saving this amount of electricity per year also has a huge impact on one’s global footprint, meaning that our customers are satisfied with their personal gain from saving money and also the difference that they make in terms of the environment. Installing a sun-powered grid on one’s home is definitely a win-win situation.



Why Solar and Batteries Direct?



We realise that there are a lot of options for companies in Brisbane and the Queensland area for those who are looking for a company to install new panels in their homes or businesses, but what sets us apart from the other companies in Brisbane is our relationships with the manufacturers of our systems, and our clients. We have developed close professional relationships with the manufacturers of the systems that we install, which is great because, with the unpredictable weather in Brisbane, we need to ensure that our customers are purchasing the most reliable and efficient solar panels in Brisbane.


Our satisfied clients understand that their happiness is our number one priority. We want to install their sun-powered electricity systems to their ultimate satisfaction and ensure that they are saving as much money as possible in the process. Customer relations is the most important part of our business, and we are constantly striving to ensure that our customers have the best solar panels in Brisbane for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.


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